Welcome to FoodFest – The Creative Way to Enjoy Exceptional Food.

FoodFest is a collaboration of selected restaurants all eager to showcase the culinary passion that lives within the Tallinn’s Old Town walls, all whilst competing to be FoodFest Champions 2018.

Started in 2016, the FoodFest creates a competitive challenge to over half a dozen restaurants and their head chefs, encouraging each to exhibit their creativity and expertise all for the benefit of the dining public.

The Challenge
This year the FoodFest challenge is to create a 3-course meal under the theme of ‘Past, Present and Future.’
Each creation must refer to one of these periods, whilst the main ingredients for the dishes must all be locally sourced. It is therefore an opportunity for each Chef to showcase a current dish from their menu, to pay homage to a dish from the past and finally to craft a new, innovative dish of the future.
The final challenge is to create a top-class menu for only 28 euros per person.

How To Vote
As this is a competition each diner is encouraged to rate their dishes – using an online rating system. The Chef with the highest average for all his dishes over the 11-day period will be crowned FoodFest Chef of 2018. The winner of the event in 2017 was Leib Resto and Aed restaurant, who are yet again competing to hang on to their title as FoodFest Champions. For more details on how to vote click here.

This year’s competitors include:
1. Leib Resto ja Aed
2. Kaerajaan
3. Dom
4. Dominic
5. Olde Hansa
6. Balthasar
7. Seafood Bar Tallinn
8. Goodwin The Steak House.

The FoodFest event is open to all, although it is recommended to book your chosen FoodFest restaurant in advance to avoid disappointment.
To reserve your selected restaurant you may either book using the online reservation system on this site, or buy a voucher at any Piletlevi outlet.